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Gavin Whyte, CEO of, was previously the Chief Data Scientist at Deloitte Australia, the Director of Data Science at KPMG and head of data science at TabCorp. He has built custom AI solutions for multiple use cases in Australia’s largest banks, telcos and retailers.

Gavin Heaton, co-CEO of Disruptors Co, has worked with government and enterprise clients such as SAP, IBM, and PwC on digital transformation, leadership decision-making and organisational capability. He helps enterprise startups create new businesses, and develop programs to drive change across organisations.

Apply AI knowledge to your strategy

The Disruptors Co x AI Boot Camp is purposefully designed to introduce AI to innovative leaders wanting to drive artificial intelligence adoption across their organisations.

Run over 5 days you’ll learn when, where and how you can successfully introduce AI into divisions across your organisation – from finance and sales to operations and beyond.

Day 1: Strategy and immersion (5 hours)

  • Impacts of AI from an economics point of view
  • Understanding the impacts of AI in business today
  • Deep learning vs machine learning
  • Use cases – How AI is implemented
  • Impact of AI on human judgement
  • Importance of AI accuracy

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Day 2: Create your canvas (4 hours)

  • Recap day 1
  • Why data is the new oil
  • Understanding how data is used in the AI process
  • Filling out an AI canvas, a sample canvas
  • Create your own AI canvas and use case.

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Day 3: Validation and review (no contact)

  • We review use cases and canvases
  • We prepare questions and discussion points on use cases 

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Day 4: Feedback and impact (2 hours)

  • Presentation of AI use cases 
  • We collaboratively share canvases and get feedback
  • Validation of use cases and data impact
  • Preparing for Showcase day.

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Day 5: Showcase (4 hours)

  • Show and tell / retrospective – what we learned
  • Interpretation – how we translate data to insight 
  • Applying insight to the canvas 
  • Canvas pitch and round robin peer reviews. 

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Bonus report

We document activities during the Summer Camp and produce a one page recommendations/next steps report.

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Put artificial intelligence to work for your organisation

Technology has driven innovation and the business benefits of innovation for decades. Early adopters take the risks and learn the lessons that can transform entire industries.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the vast majority of AI projects could be considered worthy experiments. Or comprising of endless consulting areas paving the way for a “future AI vision”.

Our AI Boot Camp sets out to turn this on its head.

The AI Boot Camp is a chance to learn by doing. Work with experts in data science, analytics and digital transformation to accelerate your learning, apply your new knowledge to your own data and build a business case for 2021 and beyond. Forget the smoke and mirrors. This AI Boot Camp will kick start the adoption of AI in your organisation.


“We had an enjoyable and challenging day and achieved some unexpected and welcome results. I'd be very happy to work with Gavin and the team again. Their guidance has certainly accelerated our forward progress. ”

Jeanette Jifkins, Chair, On The Line


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