There is do doubt that the ways that we work, live and build our lives has been interrupted by Covid19. But this interruption – or dare we say, “disruption” – has given us pause for thought.

Are we creating the business world we want to work in?

How does this/ impact work culture? What does it mean for our mental health?

Do our ways of working need to change to reflect a new reality?

What tools and technology can be used to imagine, create and shape a new business future?

This recorded panel of leaders working at the forefront of change and transformation features:

  • Dr Petrina Casey, Director, Health Policy, Prevention and Supervision, SIRA
  • Nadine Castle, The Culture Group
  • Wayne Slager, CollaborationACTION Network Resource Group (CNRG)
  • Joanne Jacobs, Disruptors Co (demo of TheAirWorks platform)
  • Gavin Heaton, Disruptors Co.